Fall “Refresh” Virtual Women’s Mini-Conference

Mom and daughter watching Women Walking with God fall event

Join our fall virtual Women’s event to grow your faith.

Our FREE pre-recorded 90-minute Fall Virtual Event is available on-demand from September 15 through October 30, 2022.  Watch this unique, standalone event by yourself or use it as part of your church’s ladies’ day, fall women’s retreat, Bible study, or girlfriend gathering. 

You’ll come away inspired by our speakers and entertainers.

“By attending the Women Walking with God (WWWG) Conference, you’ll grow and strengthen your relationship with God through the inspirational, nationally acclaimed speakers and entertainers.”

This year we have our speaker, Delois Smith, and our musical group Evokal who will perform a cappella.

Women Walking with God speaker Delois Smith and entertainers EVOKAL

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Don’t just take our word for it, hear what others have to say!

“I think women want to know how to apply God’s word to their lives. They want to live it, and they want people to show them, and I think that’s what this Conference does.”

“WWWG is personal and real. Not theatrical. Various biblical topics for different stages of life, desire to help us grow in Christ.”

“It’s made me a better person. More confident in God and the Bible.”

“Brought me closer to God. Expanded my scriptural thoughts and insight. Helped me with several personal struggles in my life.”

“I felt an amazing bond with everyone. When I come home, I’m a different person, my faith has grown. Then it’s not just me who gained from this conference, but my husband and children did as well.”

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Bible study group attending Women Walking With God Conference


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Remember all you learn and experience at “Refresh” with a commemorative mug, handcrafted by artists Isaac and Karina Shue with Gallery Mostaza. Mugs are available to be picked up at Northside Church of Christ on designated dates, or shipped direct to your door. You can learn more about each option on our registration page. Please note, this image is a digital representation of the mug; each mug is uniquely made with the design provided and may vary slightly from this image



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