Welcome to the Women Walking with God Community

Welcome to the Women Walking with God Community!

The WWWG Community is a year-round initiative to provide women a place to belong, share their gifts, and contribute to the strengthening of faith and friendships. If you’re reading this email, it is likely because you saw our launch video at the 2023 WWWG Conference: Overcome, and what a wonderful conference it was! Nearly 750 women registered to attend, with over 50 more watching individually via simulcast, and countless more participating through remote host sites. So many women were uplifted and reinvigorated to face the world as more than just overcomers. Yet, all this excitement shouldn’t end at conference…and now it doesn’t have to. That’s what this new Community you’ve joined is all about—keeping us connected beyond conference and providing tools, tips, and friendships to help encourage and uplift all year long!


Here’s what you can expect as a member of this new WWWG Community:

  • Monthly devotional videos accompanied by additional resources and engaging content for daily living, centered on a quarterly theme
  • Weekly encouragement plus special ways to engage with one another on social media and via meetups 
  • First-to-know news about interactive virtual workshops, featuring speakers from the Women Walking with God Conference  
  • First Monday of every month content delivered direct to your inbox
  • A dedicated Community page on the Women Walking with God website
  • And more!



Welcoming of Ruth

We’re excited to continue learning about Ruth and Naomi as we kick off our new Community. You may remember, as part of our walking challenge the first part of this year, that we walked alongside Ruth and Naomi on their 50 mile trek back to Bethlehem from Moab. (If you missed any of that, or need a refresher, just head on over to the Community page www.womenwalkingwithgod.org/community.) As we look at Ruth’s story, there are lessons we can learn from the women of Bethlehem about how to create and be in COMMUNITY with others. This is the theme we will center all content around this month and next. So, let’s jump right in and learn a bit about community as exemplified in the life of Ruth.

Did you see any women standing near the gate of Bethlehem when Ruth arrived? Who are these elusive women of Bethlehem, hiding within the text of the book of Ruth, and how did they come to embrace Ruth the Moabite into their community? Watch this fascinating collaboration with Samantha Corcoran from Geo-Logos to see the importance of women working together and how we can do the same today to build up our own communities.


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Did you know, community is life-giving and biblical?! We read about community in such verses as Romans 12:4-5 and Hebrews 10:24-25.Check out what Ramsey Solutions shared about Community and how it is:

  • Encouraging
  • Fun
  • Attractive to the Holy Spirit
  • Love fostering
  • Life giving
  • Essential to following Christ

Bonus Reason: Community is life giving and essential to following Christ. Scripture shows that we’re better together than we are alone (Romans 12:4-5).

It can be hard for some of us to commit to community, especially if we’re guarded or prefer solitude. Yet, community is God’s desire for us and is a sign of a mature faith. At the end of the day, we’re growing in relationship with Him!

To read more, click here for the entire article.

Speaker Workshops:

As a member of this community, you receive first notice and priority access to Speaker Workshops. What does that really mean and what are these “workshops”? We’re glad you asked!

Four speakers from the 2023 Women Walking with God conference will be offering deep dives to provide valuable insights and lessons on the topics they introduced on Saturday, right after each had her interview with Kathy. Our first workshop will be offered in June and will feature Delois Smith instructing us on “Having Hard Conversations.” Here’s what you need to know in advance to help you prepare for these exciting workshop opportunities:

Who Should Attend:

  • You as an individual because you personally want to learn more about the topic  — Maybe you want to be more informed.  
  • You and the women of your congregation because you want to work together to grow together—Maybe you want to create a ministry that relates to the topic. Maybe you want to enhance a current ministry you already have.
  • Anyone who would appreciate learning more on the planned topic. Please share! 


  • One-to-two-hour virtual workshop 
  • Questions can be submitted ahead of time to be addressed during the workshop
  • Questions can also be asked during the workshop


  • June:  Saturday 6/17/23 9:00am CST 
    Delois Smith. Topic: Having Hard Conversations
  • July:  Michelle J. Goff. Topic: Loving and Leading with the Bible
  • September: Tiffany Malone. Topic: Connecting with the Next Generation 
  • October:  Jessica Herberger. Topic: Hospitality in a Fragmented World

How to Participate:

  • Virtually via Zoom. Please download Zoom to your phone, laptop, PC or tablet and test out the technology ahead of time. 
  • Watch from the convenience of your home OR gather with friends/sisters in Christ
  • Sign up to participate via this Google form.  You will receive the Zoom link and relevant handouts in advance via email. All registrants will also receive the playback link in case you were unable to attend last minute, or if you’d like to watch again.


  • No cost for you as Community members.
  • Everyone who registers will receive the replay link. 
  • You must attend the live session to get your questions answered.

Click Here to Register for “Having Hard Conversations” featuring Delois Smith

You know how needed Community is or you wouldn’t be here. What about your friends, your family, your coworkers? Do they know they need the joy and life-giving essence of being in such a community? Invite them to be a part of this Community, too. Share our Community Video with them and invite them to sign up today so they don’t miss out on the fun! (Feel free to forward this email to your friends. Just make sure they click the Sign Up for WWWG Community button below and fill out the enrollment form to begin receiving emails next month.)

Now that you know a little more about what to expect from the WWWG Community, we want to hear from you. This is, after all, your community. What have we missed? In what ways would you like to see this community grow and be enriched? Let us know by being social with us!