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Ruth: Week 4

Ruth: Week 4

🏁This week as you work towards the finish line of your Ruth walking challenge, let’s consider how Ruth points us to a unique characteristic of God: lovingkindness, or ḥeseḏ, in Hebrew. This unique word combines loyalty, generosity, and love all into one word—and the story of Ruth features this word at the beginning, middle, and end of her story!
💛God’s loyalty to his children (1:8)
💛Boaz generously provided for Ruth in the fields (2:20)
💛Ruth loved and proposed marriage to Boaz (3:10)
Ruth and Boaz are examples of hesed in how they cared for and served other people, pointing to the ultimate example of loyal love that God shows us, his children. Let’s follow their examples and show God’s love to others with action and truth (1 John 3:16-18).
For a great word study on ḥeseḏ, watch The Bible Project’s video called, What Is God’s Love? A Look at the Hebrew Word “Khesed.” https://youtu.be/UfbyFLgs_NM
We hope you’ve enjoyed walking in Ruth’s footsteps this month and learning about her hesed, determination, and how she overcame tragedy to become the grandmother of kings.
Photo credit: Bible Places, https://www.bibleplaces.com/ A historical photo from 1898 shows two women, like Ruth and Naomi, walking down a road together near Bethlehem