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Abigail: Week 4

Abigail: Week 4

➡️This week as you finish your Abigail walking challenge, let’s consider how Abigail points us to Christ. Although we admire her worldly intelligence and wisdom, her story has a deeper spiritual meaning to us as Christians. Abigail is a “type and shadow” of Christ, meaning that parts of her story point us to Jesus.

✝️she was a willing intercessor

✝️she took the blame on herself

✝️she disarmed the conflict

✝️she prophesies about David’s reign

According to the Jewish Women’s Archive, “Based on her prescience, the Talmud identifies Abigail as one of the seven female prophets in the Hebrew Bible (b. Megillah 15a).” Wow!

👟We hope you’ve enjoyed walking in Abigail’s footsteps this month and learning about her culture, intelligence, and how she points us to Jesus. Next month we’ll walk alongside Hannah, so come along!

For a deeper study, read the article Abigail and Jesus: http://www.zanesvillecocw.com/…/01/12/abigail-and-jesus

Photo credit: International Solidarity Movement. The photo shows a young Palestinian woman looking out over the rocky South Hebron Hills, near the same area where Abigail lived 3,000 years ago.