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January Walking Challenge:

7 miles with Abigail⭐️ It’s up to you if this is a monthly, weekly, or daily goal. Make a plan to be physically active this week and tag a friend in the comments to get them walking too!

We’re kicking off our walking journey this month alongside Abigail, one of the unsung heroes in the Bible. Abigail was the wise mediator who saved her household and later married the future King David. Abigail moved from her home in Carmel in southern Judah to Hebron when David was anointed king over Israel; the distance from Carmel to Hebron is approximately 7 miles and will be our distance goal for this month’s walking challenge.

This week read how Abigail overcame her circumstances and showed courage in the face of danger. Pray for God to give you courage as you face challenging situations in your own life. Read Abigail’s story in 1 Samuel 25 and 2 Samuel 2:1-2.

We know you’re going to love next Monday’s special post from the Coach’s Corner & next Friday’s special video collaboration!

Portrait of Abigail by Dikla Laor Photo cred: https://diklalaor.photography/abigail/

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