Tiffany Malone

Tiffany Malone lives in Athens, AL and was united with Christ in baptism at a young age. A minister’s daughter, she grew up in the church, cultivating a strong love for God and ministering to His people. She has been married to Jerome, her partner in ministry, for more than 18 years. They have a daughter, Janaya (17 years old), and a son, Jerome, Jr. (12 years old).

Tiffany has a very busy ministry to women, teens, and young adults across the country. She also is a minister through song, a gift she enjoys offering as ministry and encouragement to all she can. In addition to her personal participation in music ministry, she has a vision to give back to the next generation. She is among the among the founders of the National Youth Vocal Ministry Camp, an annual camp held in Alabama each year designed to teach, train, and equip youth and young adults in the art, ministry, and skill of acapella music and spiritual growth and development.

Tiffany feels a very special call to women of all ages to be used as a vessel to share, teach, instruct, and empower. Her women’s ministry, Surrender, Girl!, hosts a Community Women’s Bible Study weekly in the heart of the community, aimed at encouraging women from all walks of life and introducing them to Jesus. She blogs at She wants to allow the Holy Spirit to use her in the capacity that He sees fit to build up the body of Christ, and to make Christ known to the world.

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